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I am in my late fifties and live in a small town in the Rockies with my partner of forty years. I am continually fascinated by the process of growth and transformation in all its many forms.  I strive to live in a way that not only reflects my deeply held values, but also nourishes my soul.

I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over 30 years, having worked in both alternative programs and traditional community mental health centers.  In 1999, I finally felt I had gained enough experience to go off on my own, and have enjoyed a thriving private practice ever since.  An interesting thing happened when I made this move...the spiritual aspects of my work, which were always a key element, blossomed.  My personal quest joined more fully than ever with my professional self. 

As this process continued, the urge to write began to grow as well.  This website and my blog From the Zafu have been the result. 


Leia Marie

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