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If you are considering pursuing clinical consultation, it may be helpful to know something of my professional background.  I have been a practicing psychotherapist for more than 30 years.  My first full~time position was as an outreach worker in an alternative treatment program designed for teens who had exchanged a life of sexual abuse within the home for one of sexual exploitation on the streets.  The experience and excellent supervision I received there led me to an MSW program, from which I graduated in 1985.

I spent the next 14 years (but for a 2~year sabbatical) working in two community mental health centers.  During that time, I worked in a general family clinic, a specialized treatment program working with families reunifying after disclosure of sexual abuse, and a rural clinic where I was often the only therapist in the county to provide a full range of clinical services, including emergency assessments.  I held positions of clinician, clinical supervisor, and program director.

In 1999, I finally felt I had gained enough experience to venture into private practice.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, I found the spiritual aspects of my work accelerating with this move as the work itself deepened.

I feel it important to mention that I have also engaged in my own personal work, at times through formal psychotherapy, consistently through reflection and peer support.  Psychotherapists owe it to their clients to know, as well as possible, their own shadows and to tend their own wounds.  I remain committed to doing both.

I always have difficulty describing my clinical orientation.  After 30+ years, I feel I have earned the right to refer to myself as ‘eclectic’.  I have training, experience, or familiarity with most schools of psychotherapy.  However, although I can talk the talk of these various perspectives, I most often work intuitively, striving to allow the client, my own subjective reactions, and the urgings of that ineffable Other to guide the session.  Additional information on my spiritual perspective can be found throughout this site.

Clinical supervision is a gift, for both the therapist and supervisor.  It can help keep our work fresh and our spirits alive to the many joys embodied within this profession.  We are given amazing opportunities to witness Consciousness in all its manifestations~~amazing, terrifying, awe~inspiring, brutal, loving, courageous, resilient...and the list goes on.

Yes, with all this, sometimes it’s good to have someone to talk with!
  The consultation I offer would be at whatever frequency we agree will best meet your needs.  Generally, my consultation work is with licensed psychotherapists, although other situations, such as the supervision of students, are possible.  I refer you to the Services and Fees section for additional information.

If you think you might be interested, please email me and we can arrange a time to discuss your needs. If you’re not ready to take that step now, consider subscribing to my blog, From the Zafu, as that will both give you a sense of my style and, hopefully, lend some immediate support as you seek a more soulful approach to your work.

May that work~~and the gifts you bring to it and receive from it~~continue to flower.

Leia Marie


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