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The German mystic, Meister Eckhardt, wrote, “If the only prayer in your life is ‘thank you’ that would suffice.” So, how could this website be complete without an expression of gratitude? 

I thank all those who’ve helped me become the techno~savvy woman I am today ~~one with her very own (bare~bones) website and blog~~especially my brother~in~law, Dave, the folks at the Mac iWeb discussion groups, and Tamara Egley, for permission to use her beautiful photographs that help these pages sing.  For more on her photographs, you may contact her at:

Thank you to the many, many amazing souls I have had the honor of working with professionally, who have shared their stories, opened the tender places of their experience to me, demonstrated the tremendous healing and courageous power of the human spirit, and helped me perceive more clearly that unnameable but very tangible Presence who shares the room with us always.  You have enriched me in ways you can’t imagine.

To all my dear friends and family, companions on this amazing journey, who have loved and supported me in so many ways, delighted in my skills and growth, and accepted my flaws.  I would be less without you in my life.

And I thank my husband, whose love, support, and companionship have been my constant star for decades.  While an atheist, you have taught me more about Spirit and letting go into the moment than anyone.  Oh, and you’re also the most adorable I.T. guy around! 

And of course, to all my angels, I am grateful for your guidance, protection, patience, and well~developed sense of humor.

I thank you all!

Leia Marie                                                                               


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