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If you’ve arrived at this page, you may be wondering if your own journey could be invigorated by contact with me through this website or further consultation.  So it seems only fair
to give you a sense of what my path has been. 

My mother remains the strongest and most enduring spiritual influence of my life.  She modeled an easy, intimate relationship with a loving, omnipresent God who did not require adherence to rigid rules or belief systems.  I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, though I found no strong sense of Spirit in that Church until I was grown. 

By early adolescence, my spiritual quest had begun in earnest, reading the books of Edgar Cayce and others.  At the age of 15, I was drawn to a spiritual community whose members reinforced my intuitive sense that all spiritual traditions are a reflection of  an overarching truth.  I was introduced to a myriad of paths, including Eastern mysticism, esoteric Christianity, various schools of Yoga and Meditation, Sufi Dancing, Tarot, Astrology, and Waldorf education.

In my twenties, I felt the need to move out of the world view I had subscribed to at such an early age.  Doubts began to surface and I came to view myself as an agnostic; I rarely questioned that something existed, but was no longer sure of specific beliefs or the importance of that realm in my daily life.  But even amid my uncertainties, I retained a strong experiential sense of the Holy.  I put my meditation cushion aside and began to experience the Divine in the mountains and beaches of New England, as well as in a deepening relationship with the man who became my husband.  I was led into the field of psychotherapy and received a Masters Degree in Social Work in 1985, the year I turned 30.

My 30s were spent becoming an effective psychotherapist.  I continued to develop a specialty in helping children and adults heal from trauma, a field that brought with it many spiritual challenges.  I was confronted daily with my inability to make sense of the horror that exists in the world.  And yet, I felt a growing, palpable Presence, as Spirit guided me and my clients along the path of healing.  While there may be nothing like a 5~year~old rape victim to make one question the existence or concern of God, there is also nothing like watching her heal to reinforce the certainty that there is magic afoot, if only we can tap into it.  Likely as a result of my professional experience percolating through my own nature, I returned to a conscious exploration of spirituality.  My path progressed, and I resumed my study and practice of meditation, and explored Native American, Buddhist, and Goddess traditions.

My 40s saw a deepening of what had come before.  My husband and I had relocated to our tiny town in the Rockies and, though I continued to be blessed with deep friendships, a period of self~reflection and solitude began.  Professionally, I continued supervising other therapists, moved into administration, and eventually, private practice.  Spiritually, I continued to flesh out beliefs I could subscribe to, holding very few tightly.  I renewed my connection to Christianity and found Sacredness, at last, within the Catholic Church of my childhood. 

The year I turned 50, I committed to a life of Spirit as never before.  It seemed as though maturity brought with it the ability to delve more deeply than in the past.  I now maintain a steady and vibrant spiritual practice.  Writing, Spiritual Mentoring, this website, and Reiki are my most recent additions.

My journey has been further enriched over the years by the varied spiritual lives of my clients.  As they have shared their own paths with me, I have gained familiarity with traditions I have not had the opportunity to pursue myself.  This has deepened my awareness and respect for the variety of faces presented by the Divine. 


Leia Marie                                                                                           Photo by Tamara Egley


My Spiritual Journey

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