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In describing my approach to psychotherapy, I  begin with my own heart. I absolutely love this work! I am enriched by it in ways to numerous to articulate and know myself blessed to be able to earn my living in such a soulful manner.

I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over thirty years now and am familiar with a variety of models and techniques. Though I try to match these with the needs of a particular client, I strive to never let theory trump intuition, or technique blind me to the unique beauty of the particular individual or family sitting across from me in the room. I believe the relationship between client and therapist is a sacred one, and I seek to engage authentically, respectfully, and in the most helpful manner possible. I am, however, a work in progress myself and can make mistakes. When I do, I admit those errors freely and do what I can to repair whatever harm may have come as a result. Often, as with us all, my mistakes turn out to be new opportunities for healing, albeit in disguise!

Folks generally seek psychotherapy when they feel blocked from living a joyful life, and our mutual task is to release or transform these areas of constriction. Over the years, I’ve developed a specialty in trauma resolution~~healing those subtle and not so subtle experiences that teach us to close
down. I often use EMDR, a technique which is truly amazing in its ability to heal old wounds and internal conflicts.

Spirituality has increasingly woven itself through my work over the years, which is not to say it is a topic of conversation in session. At the very least, though, it is integral to my own well~being when witnessing often intense pain, and it helps create the type of respectful relationship I hope to establish with my clients. The folks I work with come from various spiritual traditions, or none at all, and I seek to tailor my approach for a good fit in this and other ways.

There is something about the healing process, no matter its form, that goes beyond what can be known with the rational mind. My task is to open to that whatever~it~is, and welcome it into the work. I believe without any doubt whatsoever that healing is possible for all of us, no matter how deep our pain.

I feel it important to mention that I have also engaged in my own personal work, at times through formal psychotherapy, consistently through reflection and peer support. Psychotherapists owe it to their clients to know, as well as possible, their own shadows and to tend their own wounds. I am committed to doing both. I keep my schedule manageable and nourish my soul outside of work hours, so as to keep myself as fresh as possible.

If you think you might be interested in seeking psychotherapy with me, please email me at the link below so we can arrange a time to discuss your needs. If you’re not ready to take that step now, consider subscribing to my blog, From the Zafu, as that will both give you a sense of my style and, hopefully, lend some immediate support as you seek a more soulful approach to living.


Leia Marie

                                                                                                Photo by Tamara Egley