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I had never given any thought to being trained as a Reiki practitioner~~never, that is, until I saw the posting for a Reiki Level I class in an online newsletter. There was no hesitation, no reflection about why I was inclined in this direction, no consideration of where Reiki might fit into a life already full with psychotherapy and spiritual mentoring practices. I simply knew I would take the class.

My experience there and while giving Reiki to myself and my friends were so  compelling that the Level II and Level III trainings soon followed. I now have the title of Reiki Master, which allows me to give Reiki directly and at a distance, as well as train others in this healing art.

Reiki is another incarnation of the ancient technique of “laying on of hands.” It is a system of energy work based on the understanding that dis~ease occurs when the natural flow of energy is blocked in some way.
Reiki encourages a return to balance. As constrictions release, the effect may be subtle and soothing, or quite intense as stuck patterns dissolve and are released. The response is very individualized.

The recipient usually lies on a massage table fully clothed, in a relaxed and receptive state. The practitioner then transmits energy by placing hands directly on points on the recipient’s body or in the energy field slightly above. Reiki energy then works in harmony with the recipient’s own innate healing wisdom to restore the natural flow.

If you are interested in incorporating the healing effects of Reiki into your life, either for the first time or as a return to an old friend, please contact me at the link below. And remember, Reiki can be done at a distance, from any location around the world.

Here’s some Reiki Light streamin’ your way~~ZZZIIIINNNGGGG! Did ya feel it?

Leia Marie


Reiki Energy Work

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