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SERVICES: Please read more on the pertinent pages using the links above.

  1. Psychotherapy: To enhance a rich sense of living, with sessions in person. generally. Once a relationship is established, phone or skype sessions can be arranged.

  2. Clinical Consultation: For psychotherapists who want to bring more soul into their work, in person or by phone or skype.

  3. Spiritual Mentoring: To assist you in honoring and clarifying your spiritual path.  In person or by phone or skype.

  4. Reiki Energy Work: To remove blocks and strengthen your innate healing potential. In person or at a distance.

  5. From the Zafu: Web log with monthly musings that will hopefully support, enrich, and stimulate your own journey. Free to all. Please consider emailing me at the link below, so I can add you to my notification list for new postings.


  1.   Assisting individuals to lead more soulful lives, through...

  2. recognizing and building on current strengths;

  3. setting attainable and effective goals;

  4. gently exploring and resolving blocks;

  5. shifting stuck energy patterns;

  6.   Familiarity with several psychotherapeutic and spiritual traditions;

  7.   Thirst for new knowledge;

  8.   Reverence for mystery, ambiguity, and doubt;

  9.   Communicating with respect and humor;

  10.   Passion for the path of evolving consciousness and eagerness to share                         that enthusiasm.


Ah, yes, so now we talk money, that mode of exchange which so often becomes entangled! I strive to have a pricing policy that recognizes the worth of my particular skills, yet makes my services affordable for most folks.
The process of agreeing to a fee may be the true beginning of our work together, as money can be viewed as simply another avenue of energetic exchange. 

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Mentoring: My fee is $110 per hour. However, I have a liberal sliding fee scale, especially for those individuals who would like to meet weekly, are interested in paying in advance, or are willing to contract for a certain number of sessions. I don’t request any specific financial information from you. I trust you to look at your finances and honestly share what you can afford. The initial session is free, so we can get a feel for whether we’d be a good fit, and we’ll agree to a fee at that time. While I don’t generally do trades, the fee may be lowered~~or in rare cases eliminated~~in exchange for your volunteering to share your own skills with others in need. Whatever fee we agree to, it is not something static or written in stone. Fees will be reevaluated periodically, and will change as your situation and needs change.

Clinical Consultation: While I don’t have a set fee, we would consider the standard rate for case consultation in your area, as well as your own charge for psychotherapy.

No matter the service, my sincere wish is for you to receive the inspiration and assistance you need. So, please, don’t let financial constraints prevent you from contacting me and don’t worry that I might be offended by what you can afford. Likewise, if your financial situation allows, please discuss with me the possibility of sponsoring or supplementing services for someone with less financial resources. 

Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card. Fees are due at the time of our sessions, unless other arrangements are made.


Love and light,

Leia Marie  



Services and fees:

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