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Spiritual Mentoring, as I envision it, is a braid comprised of three strands.  The first comes from the burgeoning Life Coaching movement.  Life Coaches assist individuals in clarifying goals, choosing among options, and taking specific steps to develop a richer life.

The second thread stems from the Spiritual Direction tradition, although that term sounds, to my mind, too hierarchical for comfort.  In Spiritual Direction, an ongoing relationship is established which focuses on the spiritual life and development of the recipient.

The third thread is the long tradition of simply bearing witness to another’s experience.  We humans are social creatures, and our journey is made a bit lighter when shared with caring and responsive others.

The Spiritual Mentoring I offer would focus primarily on your spiritual experience, although as Spirit is present in all aspects of an authentic life, our focus will be as broad or as narrow as you choose.  We will explore where you are now in your spiritual development, the forces that have shaped your journey, and the changes you feel called to make at this time.
  To that end, we will build on those aspects of your life which serve you well and seek to release that which is holding you back from the full expression of yourself as a spiritual being.  You will come to trust the intuition stemming from your own sweet soul, as well as perhaps building specific structures and behaviors into your daily life to allow it to be expressed more fully.

I would meet with you at whatever frequency we agree will best meet your needs. Please go to Services and Fees for additional information.

It’s important to note that, while there may be some overlap, Spiritual Mentoring is not psychotherapy, though it can act as a delightful adjunct to therapy.  There are many therapeutic issues that have, as an important facet, a spiritual dilemma or difficulty, and healing can be accelerated by a deepening connection to Spirit.  If you are currently in therapy or if your spiritual issues include deep pain, please discuss this with me at the beginning of our work together, so we can develop a safe and viable plan for your continued healing.

If you are yearning to deepen your experience of living, want to express your soul’s desire more fully, feel called to heal spiritual wounds caused by unhelpful religious or traumatic experiences in the past, I do hope you’ll contact me to discuss Spiritual Mentoring. 

If you’re not ready to take that step now, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to my blog, From the Zafu, by emailing me at the link below. You’ll be given food for spiritual thought and, in the process, get to know me and my approach a bit better.


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