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Resources        Gratitude         Contact Me        Blog: From the Zafu grew out of  my fascination with all things transformative. Whether as a psychotherapist, clinical consultant or supervisor, spiritual mentor, Reiki practitioner, spiritual seeker, or writer, I am in awe of and enriched by the process of healing and positive change. You’ll find links above to each of this topics and more, and I invite you to read whatever calls out to you.

This site also links to my blog, From the Zafu, which contains reflections on various aspects of our journey through this world. On the right~hand side of that page is a list of previous essays spanning several years. Exploring these pages is a good option for folks not yet ready to commit to our working together. You’ll be given food for transformative thought and, in the process, get to know me and my approach a bit better. Should you choose to subscribe, I’ll send you a simple email when a new post appears, about once a month. There’s also a link above to an evolving annotated list of Resources I’ve found helpful in my own journey, and some items others have offered. These might also be of help.

I am so pleased you’ve arrived at my website.  Please have a look around.  And check back often to see the updates and changes that will continue to come as my website grows with me.  And please, feel free to contact me with thoughts, suggestions, and your own stories. 


Leia Marie

(formerly Loanne Marie. Please click here for more)

And remember the hyphen and .net in my domain name, so you’ll always be able to find me.  As a mnemonic, picture a hyphen in a net slung over the shoulder of someone standing in awe of this whole grand, messy, mysterious, and amazing thing called life.

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